Chad did a Fabulous job! He worked well with the audience and kept everyone laughing all night long! 

Katie D, Minong, WI


If there is an element of truth in comedy, then Chad Filley is Abraham Lincoln.


Chad Filley can perform for any audience whether it requires completely clean material, an audience desiring a PG-13 show, or beyond. He has performed for churches, colleges, corporate audiences, comedy clubs, and bars with a seemingly endless range of topics.


“Chad was HILARIOUSLY FUNNY!  He had us rolling in our seats with laughter after listening to his custom-made Catholic jokes we could relate to. He is top-notch and provided great, CLEAN, family-friendly fun. I can’t wait to see him again.”

– Sheila P., St. Patrick’s Fall Festival, Hudson WI


Chad took the Minnesota comedy scene by storm in 2010. He has appeared in numerous comedy clubs in the Upper Midwest, California, Alaska, and Las Vegas. 


 “Chad talks about stuff I didn’t think teachers were even supposed to know about.”   

-Twin Cities Booking Agent


Most of Chad’s material comes from his everyday life. With a resume including survival in the trenches of parenthood, matrimony, high school teaching and coaching, and firefighting, he is able to combine these experiences with a humorous spin, helping him turn everyday events into comical stories. 





“At School District 666 so many of the kids drink alcohol, half the cars in the parking lot have whiskey plates. What’s even worse, the rest of the kids are on drugs and their cars have dealer plates.”

“I recently read that 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce which really isn’t that bad when you consider the other 50 percent end in death.”

“The only thing group projects taught me was that I hate working with stupid people.”

“Today’s kids get rewarded for everything. Nobody ever loses…they even give out 99th place ribbons. Eventually, instead of Divorce Decrees, people will leave the court with a balloon, a lollipop, and a participation medal. 

“In college, I had to take art history. Who needs that? Turns out I can look at a painting and tell you what time period it was painted in. Just last week I saw a painting of the Last Supper and I could tell it was from the 80s…because Jesus had a mullet.”


Comedy Videos:

Teaching social studies and sex education at Independent School District No. 666 has given Chad plenty of stand-up ammunition. His beloved school district was named the fifth-worst school district in America by Newsweek Magazine (April 1, 2011). Chad’s only response was “How bad are four, three, two, and one?”

Chad continues to teach high school and perform comedy with the eventual goal of bringing laughter to everyone he comes into contact with.

Chad lives just north of the Twin Cities Metropolitan area with his wife (Jane), their children, three dogs, and one cat.

To contact Chad inquire about programming, availability, or rates: chadfilley@yahoo.comor (763) 742-3851